The Tracinski Letter Returns

I want to apologize for being absent from The Tracinski Letter for the past six weeks, aside from a brief and mysterious announcement several weeks ago about a special project I was working on but couldn’t announce yet. Now I can announce it.

I put The Tracinski Letter on hold when I was asked to come in as a consultant on the script for the third Atlas Shrugged movie. The consulting expanded to an extensive rewrite of the script. My work is now mostly done, but before you get too excited, remember how these projects tend to work. I’ve now thrown my work over the wall, and I don’t really know what will happen to it from here on out. All I can tell you is that my own best version of the script now exists, and I’m waiting to see whether they will use all of it, or some of it, or none of it.

Given how much I care about the story of Atlas Shrugged and particularly about Part 3, which poses some very big challenges, it was worth an attempt to try to influence the movie for the better and do my best to help them get the story, characters, and dialogue right. We’ll see how it turns out.

At any rate, I am now back to work on The Tracinski Letter (and on my RealClearPolitics newsletter), and I will resume very soon with another article on—what else?—Atlas Shrugged, presenting some interesting things I learned about the plot and characters in Part 3 of the novel.—RWT

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