Five Things You Need to Read Today

Here’s your weekly update, for subscribers only, drawing your attention to five stories that are worth catching. This week, the main theme is watching the good and bad aspects of the Trump administration play themselves out.

1. Quod Licet Iovi, Non Licet Bovi

So far, in a spectacular failure, the Republican Congress has utterly failed to do anything to repeal or roll back Obamacare, after promising us for seven years and four elections that this is what they were going to do. I hear that some are now saying that we need to win just one more election for the Republicans, in 2018, so that they can finally do it for real. Good luck with that argument.

This week, the Trump administration took a few small steps to at least unravel a few parts of Obamacare, and what is telling is that those steps are possible because the Obama administration tried to save their signature legislation by ignoring its actual provisions. Avik Roy offers a comprehensive overview of the recent actions, which includes the awesome Latin phrase I took for my headline.

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