Five Things You Need to Read Today

Here’s your weekly update, for subscribers only, drawing your attention to five stories that are worth catching. Today, the main theme is that we’ve all pretty much taken leave of our senses.

1. Unexpectedly

During the Obama administration, critics started making fun of the mainstream media for introducing every story about the lackluster performance of the economy with the word “unexpectedly.” As in: “New Employment Figures Remain Unexpectedly Low.” What the word clearly meant was: economic reality doesn’t match our political preconceptions; we thought Obama and his policies were supposed to make the economy recover, and here it is flopping around and gasping like a fish in the bottom of a bass boat.

Now they’re doing the same thing, but in the opposite direction. Donald Trump’s push for deregulation is supposed to be an unmitigated disaster, but what is actually happening? You guessed it—it’s unexpected.

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