Five Things You Need to Read Today

Here’s your weekly update, for subscribers only, drawing your attention to five stories that are worth catching. I usually send these out on Sunday, but I’ll be traveling this Sunday, and who knows what will happen between now and then, so I thought I’d just send it out right away.

Today, the main theme is the struggle to get some long-term perspective while we ride the Trump rollercoaster.

1. Worst Resistance Ever

David Brooks, the token quasi-conservative at the New York Times, is about the most perfect representative you could find for the “NeverTrump” conservative. So when you’ve lost him, you’ve lost–well, you haven’t lost the country, but you’ve lost something.

Brooks responds to the debacle of the Michael Wolff tell-all book about the Trump administration, full of speculation and innuendo undifferentiated from fact, and laments “The Decline of Anti-Trumpism.”

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