Donald Trump’s Anti-Regulatory Legacy

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1. Donald Trump’s Anti-Regulatory Legacy

The Trump administration’s anti-regulatory agenda continues (at least, for things that don’t directly involve international trade, which is going to be regulated like all get-out).

The latest: the EPA is planning to roll back Obama-era automobile mileage standards that basically let fanatical California environmentalists set the rules for the entire country.

As I have pointed out before, the big limitation on Trump’s policy is that it relies primarily on what he can do with executive power alone—which can be undone once he leaves office. Since there’s a significant risk that Trump’s presidency will produce a backlash that leads to the election of a new president way out on the far left, that’s hardly comforting.

Yet Trump’s anti-regulatory legacy might be more lasting, because it does involve another branch of government—not the legislature, not yet, but the judiciary.

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