The Robots Are Taking Over, and They Want to Know If You Want Fries with That

Five Things You Need to Read Today

1. The Petty Pull Peddlers

I took a couple of the items from my last “Five Things You Need to Read Today” edition and expanded them into standalone articles. I didn’t bother to send them out to the Tracinski Letter mailing list because they are substantial duplications of what you’ve already read, but I made a few interesting additions, so I thought I’d send you the links. The item about the ornithologist hounded by an online mob expanded into a cautionary tale about how “Science That Lives by the Narrative Can Die by the Narrative.” I also expanded on my “Theory of Wokeness Relativity,” boiling it down to a very useful and easy-to-remember formula, basically E=mc² for the science of wokeness. This piece also went up at The Federalist, and while the comments field is usually something of a cesspool, I did find this one:

“Hey, we’ve just gotten started here: don’t forget ‘quantum wokeness’! That means that H, the historical figure, exists in an indeterminate state until he is observed by the woke observer O, then all other possibilities, e.g., he revolutionized physics, wrote the Declaration of Independence, etc., crash in a quantum wave collapse, and all that’s left is the Tracinski Theorem stating the superiority of the observer O.”

But Jack Wakeland pointed out to me that in my last news roundup, I failed to highlight one of the most interesting things in the New York Times report about the reduction in Social Security disability recipients: it is partly because of a quiet crackdown on fraud.

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