“If You Want to Be Stupid, I Can Be Stupid as Well”

Five Things You Need to Read Today

1. He Who Lives by the Federal Waiver Dies by the Federal Waiver

The one really clear achievement of the Trump administration has been its anti-regulatory campaign, particularly its stunning reversal of policy at the EPA. I would like to see more of this made permanent by congressional action, but asking this Republican Congress to do anything seems to be asking too much. I’m starting to think members of Congress secretly enjoy the fact that Donald Trump is constantly getting himself into unnecessary fights, because it takes all the attention and all the pressure off of them.

But part of the reason the Trump administration has been able to do some significant deregulation is precisely because previous Congresses sloughed off so much of their legislative authority to bureaucrats in federal agencies. Because so many of the controls on the economy were imposed by the administrative state, they can be undone by the administrative state–when it gets into the right hands, and for as long as it remains in the right hands.

Here is the latest….

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