A Criminal Conspiracy

Five Things You Need to Read Today

1. Symbiosis

So the New York Times just hired, for a prominent new position, an Asian-American technology reporter with a history of making anti-white racist statements on Twitter. I would quote one, but I couldn’t readily find an example that is not laced with obscenities. Follow the link if you’re curious. Oh, and she also hates men and police officers.

None of this should surprise anyone, though it might surprise Quinn Norton, who a few months ago was fired by the New York Times a few days after being hired for the exact same position because a delve into her social media history revealed that she once “retweeted a racial slur.” The problem, I guess, is that the slur was not against white people.

What I find interesting about this story is the extent to which the New York Times, which claims to be appalled by the alt-right, is actually playing along with it.

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