The Green Leap Forward

Five Things You Need to Read Today

1. The People Does Not Know What It Wills

I’ve been loosely following the odd failure of Brexit–Britain’s exit from the European Union. Here’s the best political cartoon summing this up, which anyone who has ever owned a cat will understand.

I am in favor of Europe having a greater degree of political and economic cooperation, which was the original idea behind the EU’s forerunner, the European Economic Community. The past few decades of a Europe united, prosperous, and (largely) at peace–which is the legacy of the Fall of Communism–is a great achievement and a profound addition to the well-being of humanity. But the European Union used that as an excuse to push for an overly centralized, intrusive, and unaccountable regulatory bureaucracy, so I agreed with the British voters’ decision in 2016 to get out.

So why haven’t they been able to do it?

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