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1. Tweet 10-289

Donald Trump has give us a strange couple of weeks. First, he canceled a state visit to Denmark in a snit because the Danish prime minister refused to entertain the idea of selling us Greenland.

The idea of acquiring Greenland, by the way, is not itself crazy. The big island is rich in rare earth elements and home to a US Air Force base, so it has some strategic importance. What’s crazy is to float this idea without first ascertaining whether anyone is even interested. (Greenland is an autonomous territory of Denmark, so we would have to have the consent, not just of the Danish government, but of Greenland’s roughly 50,000 residents.) And what is super-crazy is doing this in a way that alienates the US ally that controls Greenland. But Donald Trump has a solid track record of needlessly alienating US allies.

Then it was reported that Trump has suggested nuking hurricanes, an idea that is crazy any way you slice it.

All of this is a bit more insane than normal, but it is still just part of the background level of crazy we have come to expect from this administration. Yet Trump’s megalomania also took on a more sinister form: he began issuing executive orders to American businesses. By way of Twitter.

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