“The Culture War Comes for the Kids”

Five Things You Need to Read Today

1. The Infowars Presidency

While I’ve been wrapping up work on my book (I might have mentioned it), some interesting things were happening out in the world, so I’m going to start getting caught up on the latest news in this edition.

The big thing that happened is that after the predictable fizzle of the Mueller investigation is that impeachment of President Trump is a live possibility again. I would say it’s almost certain to happen.

Here is the case against Trump. In a phone call with the new president of Ukraine earlier this year, he put pressure on the Ukrainians to dig up political dirt meant to smear Trump’s likely election opponent in 2020, Joe Biden. The abuse of power is pretty clear: the use of the official diplomatic power of the presidency for the purpose of domestic electioneering.

I’ll have more on all of that separately, but I wanted to bring your attention to an under-appreciated aspect of that phone call. Before asking the Ukrainians to investigate Joe Biden’s son, Trump asked them to investigate a crazy conspiracy theory in which it was the Ukrainians, not the Russians, who were really interfering in the 2016 election.

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