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They’re On Their Own

With America withdrawing from the world militarily, we will have to rely more on diplomacy, right? But New York Times columnist Roger Cohen declares that “Diplomacy Is Dead,” that we no longer seem to be able to cut big diplomatic deals any more. One of the reasons is precisely this military withdrawal from the world. […]

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The Enemy Gets a Vote

We have entered a period of foreign policy “isolationism.” I use that description for lack of a better word, because it has something of a history as a smear term for anyone who opposed the old “liberal” interventionists. But I use it, with that caveat, because I want to capture the stubborn and dogmatic anti-interventionism […]

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Reality Gets a Vote in Israel

If you’re looking for evidence that not all election results are terrible, and not every political culture is sliding back in the wrong direction, look to the result of the election in Israel. The Israeli political system is still very messy, not least because they have one of those crazy parliamentary systems with a half-dozen […]

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“There Doesn’t Have to Be a Bill”

Tracinski’s Rule has been broken, and the left feels emboldened and liberated. That was the clear message of President Obama’s second inaugural address, and we can see its ripple effects everywhere, particularly in the Senate, where the Democrats are making the most of their majority. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is foolishly attempting to weaken […]

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Barack Obama Is Boring

I was not going to comment on President Obama’s second inaugural address until I saw a headline quoting a line from the speech: “We are made for this moment.” Really? “This moment”—again? “This moment” was in Obama’s big speech in Berlin as a candidate, when he declared to the “people of the world” that “this […]

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We Told You So

As the Affordable Care Act—otherwise known as ObamaCare—begins to be implemented, we are seeing its first big consequence: it is making care less affordable. The New York Times reports that “Health insurance companies across the country are seeking and winning double-digit increases in premiums for some customers, even though one of the biggest objectives of […]

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What Is the Middle Class?

The great “progressive” hope, Elizabeth Warren, just got into a little bit of trouble when she was asked to define what it means to be “middle class” and fumbled around incoherently. She ended up citing as her only example someone who “takes off a year to go to graduate school.” Leftists always gets a little […]

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What’s Going Right

We are definitely going through some tough times right now. America is in the middle of a lost decade (or more) caused by the onset of the Obama Era. The Western European welfare state has plunged into permanent crisis. Chinese and Russian “state capitalism” is having its own problems. India’s free-market reforms have stalled out […]

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Newsflash: Capitalism Works

A business columnist with the New York Times reports with a sense of wonder that central planning doesn’t work, while a business columnist with Time reports with an equal sense of wonder that capitalism does work. Brad Tuttle describes a new system being tested at Disney theme parks to “to cut down on wait times […]

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Newsflash: Central Planning Doesn’t Work

File this one under “Breaking News from 1989”: it turns out that central planning doesn’t work. Who would have guessed? This news is relayed to us by business columnist Floyd Norris in the New York Times. He doesn’t present it that way, of course. He merely reports on the failure of federal regulators to come […]

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