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It Depends On Where You Stop the Story

An Atheist Reads the Bible, Part 6 At the end of the Pentateuch—the first five books of the Bible—we saw two big developments: the creation of a religious dictatorship under the rule of Moses, and the development of the idea of a covenant in which God promises the Hebrews victory over their enemies in exchange […]

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Philosophers: Who Needs Them

During the 2016 Republican primaries, Senator Marco Rubio somewhat notoriously declared philosophers to be less useful than welders. No, really. He was trying to make the point that our schools should do a better job at vocational education—training welders—rather than trying to push everyone to go to college. But he went a little farther than […]

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The Olympic Ideal

There are always plenty of reasons to complain about the Olympic games, if you are so inclined. There is the usual debacle of the preparations for the venue, which is worse than usual this year, despite the fact that there is a simple solution. Or there is the unfolding live-action spy novel of the Russian […]

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