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Andrew Jackson Didn’t Want to Be on Your Central Bank Notes, Anyway

A few years back, there was an off-Broadway musical called, “Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson.” It was a flop. But now Broadway is host to the hit musical “Hamilton,” whose creator has lobbied for keeping his lead character on the $10 bill. Now it’s looking like Treasury Secretary Jack Lew will acquiesce, keeping Hamilton on the […]

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What Happens When Hillary Clinton Isn’t Inevitable?

Which party’s prospects do you favor the most: the party whose front-runner is Donald Trump, or the party whose front-runner is now under investigation by the FBI for mishandling “Top Secret” information? Well, neither one, I suppose. But there’s good reason to believe Trump’s lead is only temporary. As Sean Trende explains, this is the […]

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If Democrats Don’t Have Jefferson and Jackson, Who’s Left?

Last week, the organizers of the Democratic Party’s Jefferson-Jackson-Bailey Dinner in Connecticut (Bailey was a local machine politician) voted to drop the two former presidents from the event’s name, on the grounds that they were slave owners and therefore unworthy of the honor. There was no debate, and the decision took all of two minutes. […]

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How Not to Defend Alexander Hamilton

Having written my own defense of Alexander Hamilton’s indispensable place on America’s money, I was pleased to see another defense in the New York Times that seemed to run along similar lines: “in bumping Alexander Hamilton from the center of the $10 bill, we would be exiling the man most responsible for our nation’s having […]

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Why Hamilton Needs to Stay on Our Money

The shocking news broke yesterday that the Treasury Department is planning to kick Alexander Hamilton off the $10 bill, trading him for a woman to be named later. It was quite a surprise, since the longstanding campaign to put a lady on our paper currency has usually targeted Andrew Jackson’s $20 bill. Old Hickory is […]

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