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The Search for Sanity, Part 1

A Partial Guide to the 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates Yes, I know the 2020 presidential election is a long way away. But it is probably less than a year before the Democratic Party will choose its nominee, and since Democrats have to winnow that down from a current total of 18 or more candidates—the New […]

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Status-Income Disequilibrium

Five Things You Need to Read Today 1. Status-Income Disequilibrium You’ve probably heard by now about the college admissions scandal, in which wealthy and famous people were arrested for bribing college officials to get their kids into elite schools…. The details that are coming out are pretty amazing. There are the Hollywood actresses who laundered […]

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The People Does Not Know What It Wills

A lot of my recent work—and your support—has come to fruition with the launch of my new video and podcast series, Salon of the Refused. You can follow links to both the video and the audio-only podcast of the first episode here. My first installment is an interview with Sean Trende, the main political horserace […]

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