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What Is Subsidized and What Is Not Subsidized

New York Times technology columnist Farhad Manjoo recently touted electric cars—Tesla, actually—as a case where government regulations can have an economically beneficial effect by promoting innovation. “Researchers who study regulation and its effects on business said there have been numerous instances in which regulation speeds along, rather than impedes, technological progress.” After all, we wouldn’t […]

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Democratic Party Death March

Top Stories of the Year: #3 This year, I kept predicting that Donald Trump would lose the election and would drag down Republican candidates for lower offices. In my defense, I based this on polls whose results were fairly consistent, but which all turned out to be a wee bit off. In my further defense, […]

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The Bubble

Democrats looking to figure out what went wrong and how to recover would actually be well-advised, for once, to take a cue from “Saturday Night Live.” No, I’m not recommending Alec Baldwin’s slightly lame impersonation of Donald Trump. I’m recommending their post-election sketch about left-leaning urbanites wanting to escape to a “bubble”—not just the metaphorical […]

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