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Five Things You Need to Read Today

Here’s your weekly update, for subscribers only, drawing your attention to five stories that are worth catching. Today, the main theme is the self-enforcing, corporate-sponsored totalitarianism America is currently talking itself into. 1. All Hail Our New Corporate Overlords For as long as I can remember, the bogeyman of the left has been our evil […]

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You Can’t Buy an Election

Of course Jon Ossoff didn’t win yesterday’s special election in Georgia’s 6th district. Heck, it wasn’t even all that close. Karen Handel beat him 52% to 48%, a few points better than Donald Trump did in the same district. This was predictable. Ossoff was born in the sixth district, but he had lived an awful […]

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See if you find this argument familiar. Republicans hold the lead in key states, but this unanimous agreement among election forecasters conceals an Achilles heel: We all rely on the same poll data. What if that data is off?… Even in the week before the election, polls are not perfect….When errors occur, the outcome tends […]

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