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Salon of the Refused, Episode 9

Episode 9 of my video and podcast series, Salon of the Refused, is now available. I talk with Bob Garmong, former lecturer at Dongbei University of Finance and Economics and author of a forthcoming study on the political thought of John Stuart Mill, about Mill and the history of political “liberalism.” The conversation includes: Locke […]

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A Formula for Power

Five Things You Need to Read Today 1. The Weird Neo-Puritanism of the Anti-Kavanaugh Crusade The contemporary left, with its nannyish campus sex rules and “rape culture” panic, has been inching itself toward a kind of neo-puritan ethic regarding sex. But during the controversy over Brett Kavanaugh, this new puritanism has been oddly widening to […]

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“Sexual Misconduct”

The Great Sexual Harassment Awakening has run aground on the shoals of…Aziz Ansari? Yeah, I wasn’t expecting that, either. A recap seems in order. Last year, in the least unexpected revelation ever, big-shot Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein was exposed as a sleazy casting couch predator. This led to the public exposure of a whole bunch […]

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Living in the World of Dynamite

Political violence has seemingly come back into fashion this year, in part because of the so-called “resistance” against President Trump—itself a metaphor for violent guerilla warfare, in the absence of an actual tyranny that requires resistance. But it’s not actual violence that is in vogue so much as fantasizing about violence. Just in the past […]

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Guns and the Monopoly on Force

The Objectivist corners of the Internet have been lit up recently by some new comments from Yaron Brook (executive director of the Ayn Rand Institute) about the Second Amendment and gun control. I’m not going to take on these comments in much detail because they strike me as offhand, flippant, and offensively arrogant—you really have […]

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In Praise of Partisan Rancor

A few days ago, the New Yorker‘s George Packer lamented that “the thrill is gone” from American politics and it’s just no fun any more. As I recall, the “fun” of politics for the left has usually been the fun of smearing those of us on the right as racist and regressive and “extremist,” a […]

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The Party of Coercion Doesn’t Understand It

The left is the side of the political debate that wants more government: more taxes, more spending, more regulations, more laws. So you would think they would have highly developed thoughts about what a law is and how laws are actually enforced. This is, after all, the stuff they want more of. You would be […]

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