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The Saving Principles

For the mainstream media and its heroes, the July 4 weekend has become a festival of national self-flagellation. This is their new tradition, their way of celebrating the holiday: churning out another round of hot takes on why America is not such a great country, why the American Revolution was a mistake, and above all, […]

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Worst. Resistance. Ever.

Jeff Sessions went to speak at Georgetown University yesterday, and students and faculty showed their “Resistance” to Donald Trump by bending down on one knee at Sessions’ arrival. No, really, you can’t make this up. Georgetown Law faculty arrives to take a knee in protest of Sessions’ appearance on campus. pic.twitter.com/aOEaUgAQAJ — Will Racke (@hwillracke) […]

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#TakeTheKnee Is the Dead End of “Resistance” Culture

At a rally on Friday, President Trump said that the NFL should fire any players who copy Colin Kaepernick by going down on one knee when our national anthem is played. So this Sunday, dozens of NFL players dutifully responded by going down on one knee to show their “resistance” to Trump. That’s where we […]

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