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Liberty and Security, Again

Every time there is a school shooting or some other high-profile act of violence involving a gun (this time at a school in Florida), everybody pretends that America has never before bothered to consider the tradeoff between liberty and security—and that we haven’t long ago settled the debate on the side of liberty. There are, […]

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The Right’s Zimmerman Trial

The verdict in the Kate Steinle case is the political right’s version of the Zimmerman trial. You remember George Zimmerman, right? He was the overzealous neighborhood watch volunteer who shot Trayvon Martin to death in Florida in 2012. With the help of misleading and oversimplified early media reports, many people—particularly on the left—filed the case […]

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Rudy Giuliani Is Wrong About Law and Order

The Trump campaign has tried to push a few key narratives at the Republican Convention. They haven’t succeeded, mind you, because they keep getting pushed off message by unforced errors, like plagiarizing bromides from Michelle Obama and treating Ted Cruz like dirt for six months, then inviting him to knife the nominee in prime time. […]

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Sheriff Clarke Is Right About the War on Cops

Nearly eight years after the historic election of Barack Obama as America’s first black president, and we can see the disappointing result: a small-scale race war in America’s cities. That it’s a war was heralded by Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, who denounced the recent attacks in Dallas and Baton Rouge as “anarchy” in his […]

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The Mother of the Virtues

You have probably heard by now the story about a young man brutally murdered on a DC Metro train while the other passengers cowered in the corners and didn’t lift a finger to keep him from being carved to pieces before their eyes. It’s just another story that makes us feel like we’re sinking back […]

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Fort Apache, Missouri

Like most people who are getting into their 40s, I suffer occasional bouts of nostalgia. But lately, in a cruel irony, the world only seems interested in re-enacting the parts of my youth that I’d rather not relive. A Russian dictatorship that invades its neighbors. A stagnant economy with rising food and gas prices. A […]

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The Psychopath Pathology

Years ago, I read an excellent book on the psychology of the career criminal. In the introduction, the author cautions readers against “medical students’ disease”: the tendency of first-year med students to suddenly notice that they have symptoms that are superficially similar to those of the strange diseases they’re studying. Similarly, he warned, as you […]

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Radical New York City Democrats

Three Paradoxes of American Politics, Part 4 After the 2012 election, I posed three paradoxes of American politics, asking why certain demographic groups make up reliable voting blocs for the left, even though the pro-free-market ideas of the right have so much to offer them. I have been addressing these paradoxes one by one, from […]

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Reason and Emotion in Newtown

I had prepared a full slate of other news items to cover today, but it doesn’t look like I will be able to talk about anything before addressing yesterday’s massacre in Newtown, Connecticut. The story is quite emotionally disturbing, even more so than the school shootings we’ve seen in the past because most of the […]

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