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Five Things You Need to Read Today 1. Rule by Executive Order During his final years in office, Barack Obama leaned heavily on attempts to bypass an uncooperative Congress and use “a pen and a phone” to achieve his goals by executive order, whether or not he had the authority to do so. A few […]

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How Not to Watch the Vice-Presidential Debate

How do you watch tonight’s vice-presidential debate? I have no idea, because I have no intention of watching it. And neither should you. The vice-presidential debate will be even more inconsequential than usual this year for four reasons. 1. The VP candidates won’t offer any surprises. Mike Pence and Tim Kaine are sober, serious, experienced […]

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Donald Trump’s Paradoxical Cult of Personality

Has there ever been a cult of personality built around a personality so unpleasant? The answer, by the way, is “yes,” but more about that in a moment. After Donald Trump’s bombastic performance in last week’s debate, it’s clear that the key to his appeal is not his policy positions, which are all over the […]

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