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A Grand Illusion

Democratic Convention Roundup The Democrats wrapped up their virtual, online convention Thursday night, and I’m sure you watched all of it, right? Of course you didn’t. Nobody does. And a lot of it doesn’t matter, particularly since we’re dealing with someone who is as much of a known quantity as Joe Biden, so we don’t […]

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James Cameron’s Climate Change Propaganda

Among the various rehearsals of the Democratic agenda at their convention this week was a video submitted by James Cameron touting the horrific devastation already happening because of global warming. It was heralded by a snippy little introduction from its narrator, Sigourney Weaver, who came across as so sanctimonious that she made me long for […]

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Eighty Percent of Foreign Policy Is Just Showing Up

The Democratic National Convention opened in turmoil thanks to a collection of internal e-mails hacked from the Democratic National Committee, which show (among other things) just how heavily the party establishment put its thumb on the scale for Hillary Clinton. The revelations have fueled ongoing protests within the convention hall by unreconciled Bernie Sanders supporters […]

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