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One Neck, Ready for One Leash

The Internet has brought us one of the greatest expansions of the free flow of information in history, so naturally government bureaucrats think this has to stop immediately. And when it comes to unaccountable bureaucrats getting their way, it’s hard to beat the European Union. Hence Wednesday’s preliminary vote on a set of EU Internet […]

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There is now widespread agreement that social media is a problem. In describing his hiring at The Atlantic and abrupt firing at the behest of a Twitter mob, Kevin Williamson concludes that the problem is how “the rage-fueled tribalism of social media, especially Twitter, has infected the op-ed pages and, to some extent, the rest […]

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Who Is James Taggart?

A Reader’s Guide to Atlas Shrugged, Part 8 Spoiler Alert: You do not need a reader’s guide to Atlas Shrugged—at least not for your first reading. Ayn Rand’s novel is clear, compelling, eminently readable, and perfectly comprehensible on its own terms. Yet Atlas is also a rich and complex novel, with an intricate plot in […]

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