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The Epistemological Election

Presidential Debate Roundup Update: Well, October is going to be interesting. As this newsletter goes out, we got the news that Donald and Melania Trump have tested positive for coronavirus, a development that seems logically inevitable. This could completely transform the presidential contest or it could have no effect whatsoever, depending on the severity of […]

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The Philosophy of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Published April 7 through April 16. Part 1: The Metaphysics of Abnormal Life Part of the response to the coronavirus pandemic, like the response to everything else, has been to draft it as another player in our normal, everyday political battles. So we’ve seen the claim that “there are no libertarians in a pandemic,” the […]

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Laurel and Yanny and Manny and Ayn

Every once in a while a new puzzle or paradox sweeps the Internet. A while ago it was the optical illusion of a dress that was either blue and black or gold and white, depending on who you asked. Now it’s the auditory illusion of Laurel Versus Yanny. This is a sound clip that originated […]

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