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Hard Cases Make Bad Protests

Race Riot Roundup Because 2020 hasn’t been bad enough already, now we can add race riots to the list of plagues descending upon us to punish us for our sins. The violence of the last week, which reached a peak of intensity this weekend, has been confusing and has confused origins. So let me try […]

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The Trovato Report

The demonstrations and riots in Ferguson, Missouri, had burned themselves out, in part because it was hard to sustain the outrage against “racist cops” after the narrative about the shooting of Michael Brown fell apart. No, he wasn’t an innocent kid; he was a brutish strong-arm robber. No, police officer Darren Wilson did not attack […]

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All About Race

Top Stories of the Year: #4 I continue my countdown of the top stories of 2014 with #4: the return of racial politics. As I noted when protests first broke out in Ferguson, Missouri, over the shooting of Michael Brown: One of the many disappointments of the Obama era is the failure of the one […]

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Government Is Force

There are mass protests again about a grand jury’s decision not to indict a police officer in the death of a black man. This time, the protesters might even be right. It is the second time in a week that this has happened, following the decision by the grand jury in the Ferguson case, but […]

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