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Andrew Jackson Didn’t Want to Be on Your Central Bank Notes, Anyway

A few years back, there was an off-Broadway musical called, “Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson.” It was a flop. But now Broadway is host to the hit musical “Hamilton,” whose creator has lobbied for keeping his lead character on the $10 bill. Now it’s looking like Treasury Secretary Jack Lew will acquiesce, keeping Hamilton on the […]

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How Not to Defend Alexander Hamilton

Having written my own defense of Alexander Hamilton’s indispensable place on America’s money, I was pleased to see another defense in the New York Times that seemed to run along similar lines: “in bumping Alexander Hamilton from the center of the $10 bill, we would be exiling the man most responsible for our nation’s having […]

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The Ayn Rand Dollar

A few weeks ago, Time reported on a proposal to put the image of a woman on America’s paper currency. (Suffragette Susan B. Anthony and Lewis and Clark guide Sacagawea have already been featured on $1 coins.) Then Time did the next logical thing and asked it readers for their opinion about who that woman […]

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Did We Already Get Cyprused?

In covering the proposed Cyprus bank account seizure—which fortunately was voted down by the country’s parliament—I came across an odd defense of the proposal from New York Times business writer Andrew Ross Sorkin. The essence of Sorkin’s defense was that it had been 72 hours since the proposal was announced—a whole 72 hours!—and disaster had […]

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In seeking to save the economy from the consequences of one economic bubble, the top political and economic leadership of the country has created another, more dangerous one—and hardly anyone is talking about it. In fact, some of the charlatans who pose as economic commentators are assuring us that the looming disaster is actually good […]

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