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Neo-Victorian Feminism

A funny thing happened on the way to sexual liberation: we took a wrong turn back to a new, bizarre, secularized Puritanism. And the leading edge of this Puritanism—not by coincidence—is in the very same dens of louche materialism produced by the Sexual Revolution: the universities. This turn backward is heralded by a new law […]

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The Tyranny of Effort

By the current rules of our political debate, it usually falls to women to criticize the modern feminists, on the premise that a man is inherently suspected of seeking to perpetuate the “patriarchy.” This is even formalized in the concept of “mansplaining,” which is used to invalidate anything said by a man to a woman. […]

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Henry Higgins Feminism

My Federalist colleague Mollie Hemingway has been cataloging the progress of what you might call Henry Higgins Feminism, which is based on the premise, “Why can’t a woman be more like a man?” Women are supposed to interrupt people more, say “sorry” less, and do other things that men supposedly do. It’s considered proof of […]

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