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Freedom Is Indivisible

The biggest news this week is that the left has officially turned against the First Amendment and freedom of speech—and just in time for the Fourth of July! If you’re on the right, it is not news that the left wants to shut us up. The only change is that this goal is being announced […]

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Cool It on the Google “Monopoly” Talk

In what has to be the world’s biggest example of the Streisand Effect, a Google-funded center-left think tank kicked out a group of scholars who were promoting the idea that Google is a dangerous monopoly—and now guess what everybody’s talking about? They’re talking about how Google is a dangerous monopoly and complaining about how everyone […]

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Fear and Loathing in Charlottesville

The fight over confederate statues in my hometown of Charlottesville has some of the fighters feeling pretty traumatized. Here is Dahlia Lithwick, Slate’s Supreme Court commenter, who is also a local. My little city in central Virginia has become the stuff of reality TV…. Now, when we come to meet in our town square, we […]

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