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Is Google Landru?

Last week, I wrote about how those of us on the right can be Star Trek fans despite its supposedly “Progressive” politics. Partly, this is because good art is about a lot more than a didactic political message. But it also struck me how much of the message of Star Trek is consistent with the […]

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Social Realist Star Trek

When the new Star Trek film premiers next week, we can expect to see one of the beloved members of the regular Enterprise crew, Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu, portrayed as gay, by way of a scene in which he is “pictured with a male spouse raising their infant child.” Unexpectedly, George Takei, who played Sulu in […]

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How to Talk to a Non-Leftist the Other 364 Days of the Year

They’ve done it again. The same sort of people who thought it would be a great idea to ruin Thanksgiving by spouting political propaganda to their relatives have now offered helpful hints on how to be a jerk by boring your family about ObamaCare over the Fourth of July weekend. If this is something you […]

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