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Salon of the Refused, Episode 5

Episode 5 of my video and podcast series, Salon of the Refused, is now available. I talk with Tom Nichols, professor at the Naval War College and Harvard Extension School, about the “death of expertise.” The conversation includes: what happens when experts get it wrong, how both left and right have contributed to contempt for expertise, and […]

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What If Donald Trump Is Normal?

The Trump Era has brought us a campaign against a new moral crime known as “normalization.” When the New York Times published a journalistic profile of a rank-and-file white supremacist, it was accused or “normalizing Nazis.” The definition of “normalize” here seems to be: to describe an unpleasant reality in a factual manner. Apparently, nobody […]

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Living in the World of Dynamite

Political violence has seemingly come back into fashion this year, in part because of the so-called “resistance” against President Trump—itself a metaphor for violent guerilla warfare, in the absence of an actual tyranny that requires resistance. But it’s not actual violence that is in vogue so much as fantasizing about violence. Just in the past […]

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Guns and the Monopoly on Force

The Objectivist corners of the Internet have been lit up recently by some new comments from Yaron Brook (executive director of the Ayn Rand Institute) about the Second Amendment and gun control. I’m not going to take on these comments in much detail because they strike me as offhand, flippant, and offensively arrogant—you really have […]

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The Trovato Report

The demonstrations and riots in Ferguson, Missouri, had burned themselves out, in part because it was hard to sustain the outrage against “racist cops” after the narrative about the shooting of Michael Brown fell apart. No, he wasn’t an innocent kid; he was a brutish strong-arm robber. No, police officer Darren Wilson did not attack […]

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