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The Democratic Party’s CREEPs

Donald Trump is neither a good president nor a particularly popular one. To oppose him effectively, serve as a counterbalance, and even attract many votes from reasonable people in the next presidential election, all the Democratic Party has to do is to present a sane, moderate alternative, behind which the broad mainstream of American voters […]

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Living in the World

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the leading advocate of the Democrats’ push for their Green New Deal agenda, was recently exposed as having a pretty large “carbon footprint” herself, living an automobile-and-airplane lifestyle while preaching a walking-to-the-subway creed. But what is more revealing is her excuse: that she is just “living in the world.” Well, that’s funny, because […]

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The Democratic Party’s Psychotic Break

Faced with the prospect of running against an unpopular Republican incumbent who loves offending people and getting himself in trouble, all the Democratic Party had to do to win elections again is to offer a sane, moderate, widely acceptable alternative. They couldn’t do it. Instead, they have allowed their unhinged reaction to Trump drive them […]

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