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The Immoral Majority

Five Things You Need to Read Today I’ve been diverting a lot of time to other projects for the last week, so I’ve got a lot of news to catch up on. The edition below is the first step. I’ll follow up with a separate update on the collapse of the National Rifle Association and […]

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An Era of Moral Crisis

Five Things You Need to Read Today 1. A Serious Foreign Policy and an Unserious President President Trump celebrated the 18th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks a few days early this year by announcing that he had planned to hold personal negotiations with the top leadership of the Taliban–and to do so at […]

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Religious Right Opposes Abortion, Women and Minorities Hardest Hit

Folks on the religious right may have thought that one of their major motivations was opposition to the practice of abortion. But no, Slate’s Amanda Marcotte informs them, their real motivation is defending segregation. The religious right, who liked to call themselves the “moral majority” at the time, actually organized around fighting to protect Christian […]

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