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The “Murder on the Orient Express” Theory of American Politics

Top Stories of the Year, #1 I have spent this week counting down the top stories of 2017. At #5 is the moral reform movement, quickly devolving into a moral panic, about sexual harassment. At #4 is the ominous new conflict between white nationalism and Communism, which worked out so well in Germany in the […]

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The Self-Enforcing Police State

Lena Dunham had a delayed flight and was walking through the airport when she overheard two American Airlines employees having an unapproved private conversation about transgender children. So she did what you naturally do when you are a well-known “liberal” who believes in free speech and distrusts big corporations: she ratted them out to their […]

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The Liberal Condescension Hall of Fame

I try not to pay too much attention to Lena Dunham, because she’s kind of the highfalutin’ equivalent of someone who is famous for being famous—by which I mean that she has a television show that a lot of middlebrow intellectuals talk about, but which not many people actually watch. Odell Beckham, Jr., a young […]

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Feminism’s Sexual Exploitation of Women

Cathy Young has an in-depth report in The Daily Beast exposing the latest highly publicized dubious accusation of rape—following quickly on the heels of the University of Virginia saga and Lena Dunham’s tale about being taken advantage of by a mystery campus Republican who seems to have no counterpart in the real world. You may also […]

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