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What If Donald Trump Is Normal?

The Trump Era has brought us a campaign against a new moral crime known as “normalization.” When the New York Times published a journalistic profile of a rank-and-file white supremacist, it was accused or “normalizing Nazis.” The definition of “normalize” here seems to be: to describe an unpleasant reality in a factual manner. Apparently, nobody […]

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An Economy with a Government

Amid all the controversy surrounding last weekend’s CPAC conference, not enough attention has been paid to Steve Bannon’s articulation there of the Trump administration’s policy of “economic nationalism.” If you were wondering whether Donald Trump is really going to remake the Republican Party in his image, this is a good place to focus your worry, […]

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Donald Trump Is Not My President, and That’s Just Fine

Donald J. Trump is not my president. Don’t get me wrong. He was duly elected to the office under the rules laid down in our Constitution. So Donald Trump holds his office legitimately. He is now the president of the United States. But he is the president, not my president. And you know what? That’s […]

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