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The Fractal Pandemic

Coronavirus Roundup, Part 2 About a week ago, I sent out the first part of this roundup, noting how the Black Lives Matter protests destroyed the public messaging on the coronavirus pandemic, sending us into a new world where a large portion of the population will be ignoring all precautions against the virus. Some of […]

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Smart Reopening

Coronavirus Roundup, Part 3 How can you be smart in a “dumb reopening“? When the state and local government lockdowns were first announced, I referred to Stein’s Law: “If something cannot go on forever, it won’t.” The lockdowns can’t go on forever, so they’re already being lifted, partially and piecemeal. But as I warned in […]

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The Esthetics of the Coronavirus Pandemic

I recently completed a long piece looking at the coronavirus pandemic from a philosophical perspective, starting with metaphysics and going through epistemology, ethics, and politics. That leaves us with one more major branch of philosophy: esthetics. So what are the esthetics of the coronavirus pandemic? First, we have to define what that question means. Are […]

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