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Sharing the Good News

I was into optimism before it was cool. I think it was about fourteen years ago that I caused a bit of a stir in the Objectivist movement by arguing that civilization was not collapsing but seemed to be thriving instead, and that the movement hadn’t really taken this fact on board. I called it […]

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The Blue Dots of Outrage

As I pointed out recently, we have just lived through the best decade ever. So why don’t we believe it? First, for those who don’t believe it, let me briefly recap the evidence. Matt Ridley recently proclaimed the 2010s to be the “best decade in human history.” We are living through the greatest improvement in […]

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In a Mirror, Darkly

I have finally made it through the third episode of “Star Trek: Discovery,” long enough for the plot to settle down enough so I can evaluate whether the show matches up to my hopes. All I can say is that somebody on this show had better Grow the Beard and do it soon. This is […]

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