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Are We All Paul Krugman Now?

Cast your mind back to the heady days of the giant Obama-era “stimulus package” following the financial crisis of 2008. New York Times columnist Paul Krugman—the great advocate of ultra-Keynesian big-government spending—assured us that the only problem with the nearly trillion dollars of pork-barrel spending was that it wasn’t big enough. What we really needed […]

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See if you find this argument familiar. Republicans hold the lead in key states, but this unanimous agreement among election forecasters conceals an Achilles heel: We all rely on the same poll data. What if that data is off?… Even in the week before the election, polls are not perfect….When errors occur, the outcome tends […]

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Paul Krugman’s Case Study in Inequality

Last week, Gawker got the scoop on the terms of New York Times columnist Paul Krugman’s new position with the City University of New York. A letter from the university offers to pay Krugman $225,000 for his first nine months of work, in exchange for which he has no responsibilities except to “play a modest […]

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The Moral Case for Romney-Ryan

What is most astonishing about the debate over the economics of entitlements and the national debt is the complacency on this issue among the political and economic establishment. President Obama has adopted the Alfred E. Neuman Doctrine: “What, me worry?” Paul Krugman, who seems to be on a personal crusade to devalue the Nobel Prize […]

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The Economic Case for Romney-Ryan

Editor’s Note: Now that we’re in October and past the first debate, it is time for my official recommendation for the presidential race. The article that begins below is not just the case against Obama—I’ve been presenting that for five years. This is the case for Romney and Ryan. (There’s a reason for the “and […]

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John Maynard Keynes Meets George Orwell

Paul Krugman is famous for his stridency. He advocates a dogmatic Keynesianism with an air of certainty and the frequently repeated aspersion that anyone who disagrees with him is dishonest, ignorant, a hack, a stooge. He cannot be swayed. If there are exceptions that disprove his theories—like, say, the Baltic states—he ignores and ridicules them. […]

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