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The Grand Unified Theory of Deplorability

President Trump looks to be set on the idea of pardoning war criminals as a perverse sort of Memorial Day gift. He recently issued a pardon for a soldier convicted of the unlawful execution of a suspected al Qaeda fighter in Iraq, and he now seems to be gearing up for a pre-emptive pardon of […]

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The Death of Trumpism

There’s a nasty cold snap hitting the East Coast, but at least its impact will be mitigated by the heat generated when Donald Trump set Steve Bannon on fire. Bannon, as you may remember, is the guy who took over Breitbart News after Andrew Breitbart died and turned it into a mouthpiece for economic nationalism […]

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This Won’t Be Trump’s GOP

If you’ve encountered hard-core Trump supporters, you’ve probably heard them declare that his candidacy is a kind of cleansing fire that is going to purge the weaklings from the party and remake it in their leader’s image. Maybe so, and that’s what a lot of us fear. We fear that if the Republican Party becomes […]

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