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The “Migrant Caravan” Is Just Theater

I have not covered the “migrant caravan” because I am not a theater critic. But a fair bit of politics is theater, particularly around election time, and Trump has decided to make the caravan into his closing pitch for the midterm elections. This is just theater, for both sides. There is some evidence the caravan […]

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Malthusian Theory Is History

Will the Population Bomb never die? I ask because actor Tom Hanks brought it up while doing publicity for his latest movie based on a Dan Brown novel—yes, unfortunately, another one—in which the overpopulation scare figures prominently. I’ll venture a guess because Dan Brown novels are pretty predictable: the villain will turn out to be […]

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The Dissimulation Bomb

The New York Times just published an extraordinary “retro report”—a short video paired with an article—looking back at Paul Ehrlich’s “population bomb” theory, the fear that an uncontrolled human population would outstrip the ability of the Earth to support it. The Times lays out some of the evidence for the theory’s failure, including the fact […]

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