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The Great Sexual Harassment Awakening

Top Stories of the Year, #5 It’s time to count down the top five stories of the year, looking back at the big events of 2017 and reviewing my coverage of them. At number five is a story that’s not really about politics, since it spans across party lines and ideology. It’s more a story […]

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What If Donald Trump Is Normal?

The Trump Era has brought us a campaign against a new moral crime known as “normalization.” When the New York Times published a journalistic profile of a rank-and-file white supremacist, it was accused or “normalizing Nazis.” The definition of “normalize” here seems to be: to describe an unpleasant reality in a factual manner. Apparently, nobody […]

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Our Elites Are Corrupt, and I Hope That Doesn’t Surprise You

Breaking News: Hollywood is a den of iniquity. And in other stories, dog bites man. I really hope the Harvey Weinstein scandal was not a surprise to you. For most of us, it merely confirms what we already suspected about the prevailing moral standards in the entertainment industry. Hollywood is hypocritical and morally corrupt? Well, […]

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