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You Can’t Buy an Election

Of course Jon Ossoff didn’t win yesterday’s special election in Georgia’s 6th district. Heck, it wasn’t even all that close. Karen Handel beat him 52% to 48%, a few points better than Donald Trump did in the same district. This was predictable. Ossoff was born in the sixth district, but he had lived an awful […]

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Why the “Resistance” Won’t Be the New Tea Party

Democrats are desperately hoping that their self-described “Resistance” to President Trump can take off in the same way that opposition to President Obama launched a new political movement in 2009. As Molly Ball asks, “Is the Anti-Trump ‘Resistance’ the New Tea Party?” No, it isn’t. They’ve been trying this ever since 2010, when some cloyingly […]

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Why Chicago Should Terrify Hillaryland

Last week, the mayoral election in Chicago produced a shocking result when incumbent Rahm Emanuel—Barack Obama’s former chief of staff—failed to get the 51% of the vote needed to avoid a run-off. Emanuel should be worried, but you know who should really be terrified? Hillary Clinton and her acolytes. This election result is a warning […]

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