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Fauxcahontas’s Last Stand

With the national media’s attention riveted by a series of racism and sexism scandals tearing through the whole Democratic Party establishment in Virginia, Elizabeth Warren probably thought this was a good time to get her own racial politics scandal behind her. So on Tuesday, Warren told the Washington Post that, in the Post‘s summary, “she […]

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Notes on the State of Virginia

It’s always an election year in Virginia. Lucky us. Virginia is one of a very few states that doesn’t hold its state-level elections–for governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general, as well as for the state senate and House of Delegates–on the same years as presidential and congressional elections. Combine this with the fact that Virginia […]

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The Democrats’ Sad Search for an “Appalachian” Savior

A little gaffe caught my eye recently that sums up the desperate state of the Democratic Party right now. It was alert from the New York Times teasing the first lines of a David Leonhardt op-ed describing Tom Perriello, who is running for the Democratic nomination for governor of Virginia, as a “populist former Congressman […]

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