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A Standard to Which the Wise and Honest Can Repair

Stick around long enough in politics, and you will probably find yourself forced to endorse at least one idea you have always opposed. This awful year is forcing me to embrace a whole bunch of ideas I’ve always rejected in the past. I have always argued for a fair amount of optimism about the ultimate […]

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What We Learned About the Democrats Last Week

We’ve had a few days from last week’s Democratic debate to digest the results and the reactions and to proceed from initial impressions to some firmer conclusions. I don’t just mean evaluations of the individual candidates but conclusions about the direction of the Democratic Party as a whole. What do the candidates and their messages […]

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The Democrat Who Could Win (But Won’t)

It turns out that while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, the Clinton Foundation collected piles of cash (plus $500,000 in speaking fees for Bill Clinton) from Russian companies associated with an attempt by Putin cronies to gain control of a major North American uranium miner—for which they needed permission from Secretary Clinton’s State Department. […]

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