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Marco Rubio Blows with the Trumpian Wind

The big question since Donald Trump captured the Republican presidential nomination is: will he capture the party, too? Will his unique ideological combination—such as it is—change the outlook of the party as a whole? And for how long? One good measure of this is Senator Marco Rubio. Why Rubio? Because he really, really wants to […]

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Stampeding Onto the Trump Train

One of the chief arguments against Donald Trump is the very fact that so many of us on the right spend so much time arguing with each other about him. “The right” has always been a broad ideological coalition, and any president is going to lean toward one part of that coalition at the expense […]

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The Trump Conundrum

Top Stories of the Year: #2 I’ve been counting down the top news stories of 2017, and after covering the ineffective flailings of the “Resistance,” I promised a look at the conundrum posed to the right by the Trump administration. In judging the administration so far, I think it’s fair to look back at my […]

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