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A Formula for Power

Five Things You Need to Read Today 1. The Weird Neo-Puritanism of the Anti-Kavanaugh Crusade The contemporary left, with its nannyish campus sex rules and “rape culture” panic, has been inching itself toward a kind of neo-puritan ethic regarding sex. But during the controversy over Brett Kavanaugh, this new puritanism has been oddly widening to […]

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Generic White Male

The Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court hearings have unexpectedly turned into the usual hopeless DC media circus—but with an ominous undercurrent to it. First, let’s look at the broad outlines of where we are at the moment, though by the time you read this there will undoubtedly some crazy new twist. Up to last weekend, the […]

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“Sexual Misconduct”

The Great Sexual Harassment Awakening has run aground on the shoals of…Aziz Ansari? Yeah, I wasn’t expecting that, either. A recap seems in order. Last year, in the least unexpected revelation ever, big-shot Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein was exposed as a sleazy casting couch predator. This led to the public exposure of a whole bunch […]

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