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What We Owe John Williams

Editor’s Note: The piece below draws extensively from an article on the Olympics that I wrote in 2014.—RWT Composer John Williams turns 86 today, which by happy coincidence is the same day millions of viewers will be celebrating some of his best music: the themes he wrote for the Olympics, which have since become a […]

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The “Murder on the Orient Express” Theory of American Politics

Top Stories of the Year, #1 I have spent this week counting down the top stories of 2017. At #5 is the moral reform movement, quickly devolving into a moral panic, about sexual harassment. At #4 is the ominous new conflict between white nationalism and Communism, which worked out so well in Germany in the […]

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Freedom-Fighter Cosplay

Employees of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau employees, in an act of rebellion against their newly appointed acting director, have formed a group they call Dumbledore’s Army, named after a group of protagonists in the Harry Potter series. We might be tempted at this point to tell them to read another book. In this case, […]

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In a Mirror, Darkly

I have finally made it through the third episode of “Star Trek: Discovery,” long enough for the plot to settle down enough so I can evaluate whether the show matches up to my hopes. All I can say is that somebody on this show had better Grow the Beard and do it soon. This is […]

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Harry Potter Politics

Friends, I urge you to unite with me in opposing one of the greatest threats to the future of our republic: the massive overuse of Harry Potter references in political discussion. Stuff like this. We don’t need a special prosecutor. We need an Auror. @jk_rowling — Joss Whedon (@joss) May 9, 2017 In J.K. Rowling’s […]

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Yoda Explains Milo

Tiresome “provocateur” and alt-right sympathizer Milo Yiannapoulos recently got what he always seems to want—a lot of attention and notoriety—for getting invited to give a keynote address at the Conservative Political Action Conference, then being disinvited. This happened after an anti-Trump group brought everyone’s attention to a interview in which Yiannapoulos revealed that he was […]

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What the “Trekonomics” Fantasy Gets Wrong About the Economics of the Future

Manu Saadia takes on Peter Thiel, as a proxy for Donald Trump, for saying that he prefers Star Wars over Star Trek because the setting is more capitalist. There’s a lot of over-reading going on here, particularly because this all takes off from a short throwaway comment in an interview with Thiel where he comes […]

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The Hollywood Empire Strikes Back

I finally got around to seeing the new Star Wars spinoff movie Rogue One. Yes, I have kids, and yes they’re into Star Wars. But they’re too young for us to be dragging them off to see every Star Wars film the moment it comes out, and after mom and dad pre-screened it, we decided […]

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An Army of Mary Sues

Star Wars fans have been excited recently by the news that a favorite villain from the franchise’s “extended universe” of spinoff fiction has been promoted into a new regular character in the “official” Star Wars animated TV series “Star Wars: Rebels.” Grand Admiral Thrawn was particularly liked because he is a subtle, sophisticated, cultured villain […]

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The Multiverse at the Multiplex

The teaser trailer just came out for a new Ghostbusters movie. It’s not exactly a remake; maybe it’s a reboot, with the main difference being that this time the Ghostbusters are chicks (and the writing, judging from the trailer, is awful). But it’s much more than that. This film is planned, not just as an […]

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