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“Roseanne” and Donald

Roseanne Barr has been fired, causing ABC to cancel the rebooted version of her self-named TV show, “Roseanne,” because of a tweet with arguably racist implications. The whole debacle is a microcosm of the way we live now, and in ways that are not comforting for either side. Sure, it’s a warning about the hair […]

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In a Mirror, Darkly

I have finally made it through the third episode of “Star Trek: Discovery,” long enough for the plot to settle down enough so I can evaluate whether the show matches up to my hopes. All I can say is that somebody on this show had better Grow the Beard and do it soon. This is […]

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Peak TV and Peak Politics

Late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel’s recent habit of substituting political diatribes for his opening monologue—which, to be fair, is no great loss—is a sign that late-night talk show hosts have decided to get more political. The first time around, when Kimmel used his son’s illness as an excuse to wade cluelessly into the political […]

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“Discovery” Needs to Bring Balance to the Trek

Star Trek returns to television on Sunday, and to understand why this is such a big deal, you have to realize how dominant Trek used to be in this medium. For 18 years, from the franchise’s return to TV in 1987 with “Star Trek: The Next Generation” to when “Enterprise” limped off the air in […]

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Can We Go Back to Where No Man Has Gone Before?

So the Internet has been set afire with the news that CBS is planning to produce a new Star Trek television series that will air in 2017. That’s it. That’s the announcement. There is maddeningly little information about the premise of the new series or its creative direction, except that it will be produced by […]

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