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The Democrats’ Sad Search for an “Appalachian” Savior

A little gaffe caught my eye recently that sums up the desperate state of the Democratic Party right now. It was alert from the New York Times teasing the first lines of a David Leonhardt op-ed describing Tom Perriello, who is running for the Democratic nomination for governor of Virginia, as a “populist former Congressman […]

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The Moral Invariance Theory of Politics

After I moved from Illinois to Virginia, I used to feel so superior about living in a state where governors don’t get caught in bribery scandals or go to jail. When they sent George Ryan and then Rod Blagojevich off to the pokey, I chuckled in a smug and condescending way, shook my head, and […]

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The Broken Truce

Greetings from the scene of a farce. Next week, if the polls are accurate, my state of Virginia will react to the alleged corruption of its sitting governor by electing Terry McAuliffe, an even more corrupt political fixer and “crony capitalist.” How did this happen? I really like the Republican candidate Ken Cuccinelli, who is […]

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