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“Dumb Reopening”

Coronavirus Roundup, Part 2 I ended the previous installment of this roundup by defining the right basic question: What is the nature of the problem we’re confronting, how does it work, and how do we solve it? First, since we are awash in misinformation about coronavirus, I want to direct you to some good sources. […]

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Butterfield Epidemiology

We all knew this was going to happen. At the very beginning of our vast national social-distancing experiment, we said that we would know it was working if it all seemed like an overreaction. This is the great paradox of any preventive measure. If it works, it prevents the danger that makes it necessary—which, in […]

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Time for the “Shoe-Leather Epidemiologists”

Social distancing has worked—so far. We are past the peak in deaths from COVID-19, both nationally and in most states, though we’ve still got a few weeks before we go down the other side of the curve. It’s natural for people to be restless and to be eager for re-opening. But the question isn’t “Should […]

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