But He Fights (Against Liberty)

My readers may have noticed that I am occasionally wrong in my predictions about politics, including such little things as who is going to win the presidential primaries or who is going to win the general election.

But the more important part of my job is to figure out who ought to win, so I feel entitled to claim a little vindication on that score. Yes, Donald Trump won the primaries and won the general election. And when he came into office, he made a good Supreme Court appointment and some cabinet appointments that looked really good from the perspective of reining in the “administrative state” of executive-branch regulators. (More on that in a moment.)

But in the first big test of his priorities, President Trump has been revealed, not as a politician who wants to disrupt the status quo and “drain the swamp,” but as a big-government moderate Republican who thinks the real enemy is the small-government Freedom Caucus.

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